Product Feature - Gate content with Channel Packs

February 8, 2021

Today we look into the award-winning functionality that enables the App Platform to power our Telco services, from NovaTV to TVPlayer.

As Telco’s aren’t often naturally entertainment brands, a streaming video service may seem like an odd addition to a Telco’s portfolio but if you consider differentiation from competitors, a streaming service is a natural fit. A successful entertainment platform offered only to existing contract holders, can help to not only increase customer uptake but also to increase customer loyalty and create entire new revenue streams.

However, as non-entertainment brands, Telco’s often rely on licensing from existing entertainment brands for their content. This often means, not only a great deal of VOD content, but often access to live channels.

The App Platform has functionality that allows us to package together channels that can then be used as a source for new revenues. For instance, offering a lite or free membership that is included with a basic data contract and then more premium memberships for users looking to access additional content. They can also be used to segment content, so users feel they are only paying for content they really want, for instance, a movies package for access to live movies channels or a comedy package, which could then be included in a customer’s phone plan.

Live Channels behind a channel pack can be added straight into the EPG of the platform, tantalising users with content and taking them straight to the purchasing option whenever content takes their fancy, making the entire process frictionless.