Product Feature - CDN Load Balancing

August 27, 2021

by Editorial Staff

The advent of digitalisation has provided not only fantastic new opportunities for broadcasters and content owners but also new challenges. At Simplestream, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to overcome these challenges.

Our CDN Load Balancing solution helps to improve the users experiences by optimising Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). For the uninitiated, a CDN is a collection of servers spread across a wide geographic area each of which host your applications and data. What about a CDN Load Balancer then? A CDN Load Balancer operates as a CDN-switching module. By integrating an API, it can provide real-time network status information which can help your CDN operate efficiently. 

It comes with a number of advantages. For instance, as delivery networks are scattered across an area – each with your data already stored there – it makes the most sense to choose a CDN closest to the end destination. The CDN Load Balancer can connect a user to their most proximate network, and the decreased distance helps to increase response time by reducing the routers and repeaters between endpoints. So, instead of someone in the UK having to connect to a server in Rome, they are connected to a CDN in London. This helps to provide a truly global service, with no difference in service quality between regions.

And that’s not all. Our CDN Load Balancer can help to increase uptime by checking for downed servers and forwarding content from active servers, so your users never have to deal with the frustration of refreshing their homepage. 

Finally, think of increased control over your infrastructure. By setting dynamic rules you can guarantee an efficient service. For instance, by pre-determining a limit on the number of users each server is connected to, you can prevent server overtaxing, and therefore provide a more consistent and more efficient experience.

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