Product Feature - Analytics

June 1, 2021

by Editorial Staff

Understanding your customers’ needs and wants is integral to business success. In the world of traditional TV, the method for understanding your audience was a crude and unreliable low-tech process. With the advent of OTT, however, organisations can get to know their audiences better than ever.

Our proprietary Media Manager comes pre-integrated with several analytics solutions. These can help organisations to track a variety of anonymised stats – such as those relevant to user journeys. A necessary step to understand how conversions happen, as well as to identify any bottle necks, in order to streamline new customer acquisition.

The integration with Google Analytics shows the source of any traffic to the platform. Not only does this help operators to see the impact of their marketing efforts and outreach, it also paves the way for more effective investment.

That's not all. Our fully comprehensive Nice People At Work's YouBora integration can help you to monitor the health of your service, from tracking an individual user’s downtime to viewing how a service is performing in a region, to tracking the number of hours spent watching specific content. Better still, for a multi-region service operators can also break down viewing by territory, and specific content trends, unveiling opportunities for new investment.

This sort of granular information can truly revolutionise how a service is run. By identifying what sort of content end-users enjoy the most, you can cater to the specific tastes of your audience and help to sure up enjoyment, loyalty, and customer growth. With Simplestream’s integrated analytics platforms this is merely a process of analysing data.

This fully comprehensive analytics suite provides any team with the ability to leverage data for different purposes. From marketeers, who for instance will make the most of segmentation tools, to technical teams, able to monitor the quality and ‘happiness’ of each individual video view.

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