Product Feature - Device Flow

July 5, 2021

The TV continues to be the dominant device used for media consumption. In spite of the prevalence of mobile devices, laptops, tablets and any other convenient device all the data shows that the TV is here to stay, though the method of delivery is certainly changing.

While the big screen may be the device to gather the family around after a long day of work, it is not most convenient device, especially for digital logins where users must navigate a series of menus and enter information using a remote, no small feat.

Being able to quickly and easily engage a customer is essential, especially when all the viewers want to do is to relax and enjoy some content, which is why we at Simplestream have made sure to create the most seamless experience on our award winning Hybrid TV apps.

Simplestream’s device flow solution creates an access token which links your account on your smartphone to the app on your TV, thereby a user can avoid the annoying entry of data by remote control and use the app most convenient to them, then log-in using a simple code.

This helps to streamline the registering and logging in process for your customers so they can quickly get to watching the content they want while you can get all of the information that you need. By creating this frictionless environment for your customers you can both maintain satisfaction and grow your existing customer base by having the fastest time to content on the TV.

MMAuth enables Device Flow for our TV platforms, helping to avoid the fiddly logins with a virtual keyboard, meaning wasting time trying to type in your email and password on a TV remote are now a thing of the past. Device Flow allows for multi-platform sign-in by using a simple code on another device to login to playback content. Perfect for big screen apps and hassle-free viewing.

If you’re interested in launching a next generation TV service, or expanding your existing services platforms or functionality then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.