Simplestream Solutions Papers

The Key to Authentication

Accessing any application has to be frictionless in today’s consumer marketplace. Gone are the days of having to remember 100 passwords for different sites and which of your 3 emails you might have used. Discover how we implement different methods of authentication for a seamless user experience.

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Machine Learning: For a Better User Experience

Dive into the world of machine learning with “Machine Learning: For a Better User Experience” and learn more about how we’re working to automate & improve your services.

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Why Latency In Media Matters

Ashley Horne discusses the benefits of a low latency OTT solution as well as the emerging low latency technologies.

In OTT, producing video streams is inherently open to latency. There are multiple parts of the chain, each part adding on a few sub seconds of processing, from encoding and packaging to distribution and playback.

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From Competition to Collaboration – A New Age for Entertainment and Media Vendors

A discussion on the movement in trends away from an vendor aversion towards a more collaborative environment which enables companies to focus on their strongest functions and help to create a better all encompassing solution for clients.

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