After our exciting week looking back at Simplestream 6 I thought I’d hit us all with a big old New-ish Year stats dump.

  1. Streaming consumption up 80% in 3 years

Online viewing is gaining ground on traditional broadcast TV, according to research conducted by content delivery network specialist CenturyLink and Streaming Video Alliance. Over 80 per cent of consumers are streaming more video than three years ago and nearly half (45 per cent) of respondents define TV as being delivered over the Internet.


  1. 11 Million People in the U.S. Used Streaming Services Illicitly Last Year, Study Shows

Research: over the past year, 95M people in the US used a major streaming service, 25M had a family plan, 13M had a free trial, and 10M+ were sharing a login


  1. Nielsen: streaming makes up 19% of US TV watching, with Netflix comprising 31% of streaming on TVs, followed by 21% on YouTube, 12% on Hulu, and 8% on Amazon

“Make no mistake, the proliferation of on-demand streaming services is the most profound media disruption of the last half-century,” Peter Katsingris, Nielsen’s senior vice president of audience insights, said in a “special streaming-wars edition” of its quarterly Total Audience Report.


  1. Despite Streaming Audience Competition, Linear TV Ad Revenue Dipped Just 1% In 2019

Report: national linear TV ad revenue in 2019 was down just 1% YoY to $44.1B and up 2% counting digital video thanks to higher ad prices


  1. WarnerMedia focuses on streaming commissions

Warner is making significant strategic adjustments ahead of the launch of HBO Max this May, diverting resources from its cable networks and investing instead in a rapidly growing number of HBO Max original commissions.


  1. Can We Stop Talking About Disney+?

Just before launch, a Twitter account even appeared called @NotOnDisneyPlus that enumerated, well, all the things that wouldn’t be on the service when it launches.