Interesting to see an average greater than $10 a month, the average cost of a subscription streaming service, indicative of the new tendency for consumers to be subscribed to multiple services.

  1. Americans spent $170 on average on streaming TV services in 2019, a 30% increase since 2017, when they spent $130

The dollars are adding up fast.  So here are some tips for pruning the subscriptions you no longer use.  —  Online subscriptions sure sound cheap.


  1. Gaming’s biggest names are ditching Twitch for $10 million contracts

Inside game streaming wars, where Ninja reportedly got paid $20M to $30M to move to Mixer and streamers with 10K concurrent views on Twitch can get $10M+ offers


  1. Amazon Prime Video Gives Amateur How-To’s, Conspiracy Theories a Stage

Amazon claims Prime Video has ~65K titles, but 66% of those are user uploaded, including thousands of short instructional clips and conspiracy theory videos


  1. ABC News says it will boost its streaming service, ABC News Live, by hiring ~50 journalists and boosting programming, mixing breaking news with longer reports

The network said Thursday that it will hire some 50 new journalists, assign correspondents Linsey Davis and Tom Llamas to online leadership roles and increase the number of hours of live programming with the goal of becoming a round-the-clock service within a year. The rollout begins next month.


  1. Amazon Prime tops 150m subs

Amazon also reported that customers ordered “tens of millions of Amazon devices” over the Xmas season, cush as Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, and Echo Show 5. The company reaffirmed a report that its Fire TV OTT service now has more than 40 million active users worldwide. Amazon also announced that its Amazon Music service now has more than 55 million customers worldwide.


  1. Over half of UK & US have streaming device

Uptake has doubled since 2015, but growth has slowed between Q3 2018 and Q3 2019, with an increase of 2 percentage points across 16 markets.

Penetration is highest in Sweden where 55 per cent of Internet respondents claim to have an OTT box or stick, this is closely followed by Denmark, UK and the US where 51 per cent of Internet users have one.