Happy New Year! Have we made the 2020 joke yet? I’m sure we’ll find the chance somewhere down the line. In the coming weeks there will be plenty of stats about winter holidays viewing habits but while we wait let’s cap off with a previous year review.


  1. Verizon Media head: ‘2020 streaming’s biggest year yet’

Connected TVs (CTVs) have now superseded mobile devices as the primary means of viewing streamed content, as the living room is where the improvements in quality now being achieved can be really appreciated. There are expected to be over 200 million Connected TV viewers in the US alone by 2021.


  1. Data: UK video category grows by 9.5%

Entertainment content is more pervasive than ever before. With subscription streaming services now an entrenched layer of the home entertainment industry, 65.9 per cent of market value is generated by SVoD services.


  1. NFL viewing on Twitch up 34%

The game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets on December 19th achieved nearly 1.2 million video views – a dramatic increase from 321,147 who tuned into the opening Thursday Night Football game of the year on September 26th between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles.


  1. Xumo announces distribution deals with Sony, Panasonic

Xumo says that the service is available in 45 million US households and that it is signing these deals in order to secure “global reach and scale.”


  1. Amazon: “We don’t have to make money with the Champions League”

“We don’t have to earn money with the Champions League offer itself, we can do it with popcorn, beer or if someone buys shoes afterwards.”


  1. Half of Brits want end of BBC licence

Asked by YouGov how they would most like the BBC to be funded, 27 per cent of respondents said through the television licence fee. In comparison, 37 per cent said the corporation should generate revenue by running advertising breaks, as ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 do, effectively becoming free to viewers. A further 13 per cent supported a subscription model.