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Report: £60bn full fibre UK economy boost

Connecting the UK to Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband by 2025 would deliver almost a £60 billion (€68bn) boost to UK productivity – an average of more than £1,700 per worker – by unlocking smarter ways of working, better public services and greater opportunities for the next-generation of home-grown businesses.


SBJ Media: Different Showdown For “Thursday Night Football”

Streaming is really picking up for games. When digital is factored, games are averaging 16.6 million viewers, which is up 5% year-over-year. League partners are seeing a 48% year-over-year gain for digital viewership, taking in an average minute audience of 481,000 per game. This past Sunday night, NBC Sports Digital saw an AMA of 599,000 viewers for Cowboys-Saints, marking its most-streamed regular-season NFL game yet. Season to date, “SNF” streaming is up 36%. Meanwhile, pregame shows are seeing gains. CBS’ “The NFL Today” is up 8%, “Fox NFL Sunday” is up 6%, “Fox NFL Kickoff” is up 5% and ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” is up 17%.


Belgium: Telenet to phase out analogue TV in 2020

“A large proportion of analogue television viewers will be able to go on watching their usual stations by changing the settings on their apparatus only once,” the company noted.


As Viewers Go Ad-Free, Streaming Services Adapt With Product Placements

Subscribers to Hulu’s ad-free plan pay twice as much as limited ad customers each month to avoid commercials. If they watched the service’s original comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, though, they still saw an ad for Hotels.com.


Apple TV+ will struggle to meet European quotas for local content at launch

By the end of 2020, all streaming video services, including the new Apple TV+ and Disney+, will be required to have 30% of their entire catalogue locally produced. The requirement is part of a 2018 ruling by the European Parliament, and the existing Netflix and Amazon Prime services are almost at that figure.


Discovery and Amazon Serve Up New Cooking App

Discovery Inc. DISCB -10.30% is looking to generate more revenue from its stable of celebrity chefs-—and help Amazon.com Inc. AMZN +1.40% sell more groceries in the process.