To Simplestream the Media Nations Report from Ofcom is like the Football Transfer Window to a footie fan or Christmas to a child. In honour of the UK becoming a “Nation of Streamers”, we thought we’d dedicate this super special Simplestream 6 to the top 6 pieces of info from the report.


Half of UK households (47%) now subscribe to at least one SVOD service.


Viewers are broadly satisfied with the quality of broadcast TV, but increasingly see VOD as the main way to watch TV and film.


1.2 million, (4.1%) of all homes have broadband and use other devices for watching TV but do not have a working TV set.


Four in ten viewers now say that online video services are their main way of watching television and film.


Subscriptions to traditional pay-TV services totalled 14.3 million, the number of SVOD users reached 19.1 million (up from 15.4 million in 2018). Many households now take more than one SVOD subscription.


Broadcast content accounted for 69% of the average five hours of video watching per person per day in 2018 (but only 56% of the five hours was live TV.)

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You can find the full report here.