Much like a certain historical figure, Simplestream 6 is back! With more OTT news articles than ever before! Well, not really since Simplestream Six has sibilance (as did that sentence).

  1. UKTV launches live streaming of channels

UK multi-channel broadcaster UKTV has now introduced live streaming of five channels on its UKTV Play website, with availability on TV and mobile apps to follow.

From today, viewers will be able to watch Dave, Drama, Yesterday, Really and Home, live on the UKTV Play website. The channel streams will also be available on UKTV Play’s mobile and TV apps in the coming months.


  1. North American SVOD subscriptions set to grow dramatically

Digital TV Research forecasts that 77.8% of TV households, or 94 million homes in the region, will subscribe to at least one SVOD platform by 2024. The average SVOD household will pay for 2.89 SVOD subscriptions. This compares to 70% of TV households, or 84 million homes, subscribing to at least one SVOD platform at the end of last year. The average SVOD subscriber paid for 1.91 SVOD platforms at end-2018.


  1. European Commission launches VOD directory

Lumiere VOD is the first directory of European films to increase transparency concerning the VOD markets, which was launched by the European Commission with the European Audiovisual Observatory who is managing the project.


  1. Continued convergence of linear and digital TV

In Europe, confidence in premium video continues to grow, with overall ad views in 2018 ending up 22 per cent higher from 2017. However, video views decreased by 16 per cent over the same period as a result of GDPR implementation and content delivery restrictions by US publishers.


  1. ITV exec: ‘Room for another SVoD player’

Faz Aftab, Director of Platform Distribution at UK commercial public broadcaster ITV, has revealed that research suggests that people will pay for BritBox, the SVoD joint venture between the BBC and ITV, and that there is room for another SVoD service in the UK.


  1. MIPTV: Britbox US beating targets says Sriraman in keynote

Speaking at MIPTV, Soumya Sriraman, president of the North American iteration of ‘best of British TV’ SVOD service BritBox, said it was too early to say how her division would work with the UK version of the service – coming in late 2019.

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