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UKTV begins live streaming

UKTV has begun live streaming of channels Dave, Drama, Yesterday, Really and Home on its website.

The channel streams will also be made available on UKTV Play’s mobile and TV apps in the next few months.

Tom Davidson, general manager for UKTV Play said: “The introduction of simulcast on UKTV Play is another exciting and important part of our strategy. The live streaming functionality seamlessly ties together the worlds of video on demand and live TV and provides viewers with a host of new benefits.”

Detailed programme information is on offer during a live stream on UKTV Play and viewers can jump straight in to on demand episodes once a show has finished. Personalised recommendations for similar shows will also be surfaced.

UKTV Play’s live streams are being provided by Simplestream, leaders in live, live-2-vod and on demand OTT services.

They’ll also be measured on behalf of audience researchers Barb.

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