If you were too busy ‘networking’ in Vegas to keep up with this weeks news then Simplestream has your back; with a run-down of what the rest of the world has been up to, try to remember some of it in case anyone wants to know what you got up to at NAB.


  1. NAB Show Wrap: The Trends That Mattered This Year

The Hollywood Reporter examined some of the biggest show topics during a week that saw broadcasters prepping to roll out their “next gen TV” system and streaming service providers asking Hollywood to produce more content than ever before — all while Oscar winners from films including Bohemian Rhapsody and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse drew huge crowds at the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual tech fest.


  1. Global demand for tailored content

Research from Edgeware and YouGov, an international data and analytics group, has found that a high proportion of consumers would welcome TV content that is tailored to their personal preferences. According to the study, 89 per cent of adults across the UK, US, Hong Kong, Mexico and Spain would be interested in content that is aimed at their personal interests when watching traditional TV channels.


  1. HD Austria reaches over 150,000 customers

Austrian DTH satellite platform HD Austria welcomed its 150,000th customer in March 2019.


The continuous expansion of the hybrid TV service and the launch of the HD Austria smart TV app have accelerated customer growth in recent months, the subsidiary of M7 Group announced in Vienna.


  1. 44% deem Netflix “indispensable”

44 per cent pick Netflix as a TV source they’d keep if they could only keep a limited number.

The per cent picking Netflix is a full 15 points higher than the next highest source, CBS.

Netflix has an even more commanding lead among younger viewers: 59 per cent of consumers age 16-34 say they’d keep Netflix in their list of must-have TV sources, more than twice as high as second-ranked Hulu.


  1. Digital TV Research: Disney+ to reach 75m subscribers by 2024

On Thursday (11 April) Disney outlined its plans for its Disney + platform to investors and stated that it expects to reach 60-90m Disney + subscribers by 2024, with the US contributing a third.

Digital TV Research believes that this is achievable but says that the US will remain the largest market by some distance, adding an average of 5m subs a year to take its total to 25m by 2024.


  1. Disney+ launch set for November, competitively priced at $6.99

In addition to its library of theatrical and television content, in its first year Disney+ will release more than 25 original series and 10 original films, documentaries, and specials. New original titles for Disney+ announced today include:

From Marvel Studios: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier live-action series with Anthony Mackie returning as Falcon and Sebastian Stan reprising his role as Winter Soldier; WandaVision live-action series with Elizabeth Olsen returning as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany reprising his role as The Vision; and Marvel’s What If…?, the first animated series from Marvel Studios, taking inspiration from the comic books of the same name.