With all this Simplestream news going around it’s almost hard to remember that Apple TV+ (mouthful) was announced earlier this week, marking another entry from a non-traditional broadcaster to capitalise on the rapidly growing market.


  1. Simplestream supports BARB’s Dovetail

This enables participating broadcasters and operators to more accurately measure reach across multiple devices to better understand their audience and potentially increase advertising, carriage and subscription revenues.


  1. Guess who’s the latest AWS Technology Partner

If you guessed Simplestream then you’d be right and almost as smart as our Amazon Web Services enabled Next Gen TV solutions.


  1. Apple TV+ is going outside the walled garden to Samsung, Roku and Amazon

For the first time ever, Apple is going outside the walled garden by offering its new streaming service to smart TVs from Samsung and others as well as to Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Apple’s new streaming TV service, announced today at the Apple Event, will be named Apple TV+, and will launch this autumn across the world to over 100 countries.


  1. Netflix is still too cheap

How do you know your product is priced too low? One way is when you raise the price between 13 and 18%, you have almost no churn, not many complaints, and your stock price actually goes up!


  1. India: 325m watch OTT

An Ernst & Young/FICCI Frames report on Indian media says that online video viewing in India grew last year by 25 per cent with 325 million people now watching OTT video.

The report said that catch-up TV is driving much of this demand, with 70-90 per cent of the total content consumed coming from the OTT platforms backed by mainstream – and conventional – broadcasters.


  1. OTT: Its future in Western Europe

Looking at the UK SVOD market, quoting BARB research, Murray said the number of subscriptions per SVOD home has gradually been increasing and reached 1.40 in Q4 2018. However, this was still considerably less than the US, where the figure already exceeds 2.

Meanwhile, Digital TV Research forecasts the number of SVOD subscriptions in the UK to reach 26,432,000 in 2023. This compares to 19,009,000 in Germany, 10,385,000 in France, 8,809,000 in Italy and 7,907,000 in Spain.

Meanwhile, OTT TV and video revenues in the UK will reach $6,797,000 million in the UK, $3,815,000 in Germany, $2,710,000 in France, $1,999,000 in Italy and $1,498 million in Spain.


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