As everyone settles into the New Year predictions and reflections are abound as the shifting market-space looks for any signs of slowing down in an increasingly OTT world.

  1. 310 Million Global Connected Households to Have at Least One OTT Service by 2024

An OTT report from Parks Associates predicts OTT services will accelerate their global expansion over the next five years, with more than 310 million connected households having at least one OTT service by 2024 – equating to some 586 million subscriptions overall.


  1. 40% of French homes use four-screens

Research from Mediamétrie finds that 40 per cent of French households are four-screen equipped (TV, smartphone, computer and tablet). This accounts for 44 million viewers.

Last year, 4.5 million viewers daily watched TV programmes on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, for an average of 1 hour and sixteen minutes. This viewing time is up 30 percent over the last two years, finds Mediamétrie’s One Television Year in France report.


  1. Formula 1’s TV and digital audiences grow for the second year running

In terms of unique viewers, during 2018 the sport once again had an improvement globally (+10 per cent), reaching 490.2 million. This increment is even higher in the top 20 markets (+14 per cent). China, who benefitted from the return to CCTV as the main free-to-air broadcaster, increased its reach more than three times since 2017. Other markets with a very significant increase included: Indian subcontinent (+87 per cent), France (+51 per cent), Russia (+27 per cent) and USA (20 per cent). Brazil (115.2m viewers), China (68m) and USA (34.2m) are the top three markets in terms of TV reach.


  1. ‘Swissflix’: Switzerland plans own Netflix

The Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK) wants to set up a streaming platform for Swiss films.

The model is Netflix, but, if possible, the Swiss offer should be free of charge for viewers. After all, consumers have already financially supported the films through their taxes, Ivo Kummer, head of the film department at BAK, told German-language Swiss public broadcaster SRF.


  1. “Unidentified viewing” a fifth of TV audiences

The amount of viewing to Unidentified viewing – including SVOD, gaming and DVDs – in the UK now stands at 19%, representing a rise to an average 46 minutes per day.


  1. Netflix price hikes will come to the UK, says pricing strategy firm

Simon-Kucher, a pricing strategy firm, fully expects to see Netflix’s US price hike extend to the UK – without suffering a deluge of subscriber cancellations.

The firm said it “expects to see price increases rolled out in the UK and elsewhere, with Netflix taking a localised approach based on their learnings in the US”.


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