A merry Christmas from all of us at Simplestream, check in during the new year for the latest developments in the digital TV Revolution.


  1. Santa Claus busy preparing for Christmas at Lapland home in Finland

Santa Claus’s helpers have been sorting out piles of letters from around the world, each detailing children’s requests for this Christmas, at his home in Lapland, Finland.


  1. Analyst: OTT Revenue to overtake box office

At $46 billion, global subscription OTT revenues will overtake box office revenues in 2019 when theatrical takings will come in at just under $40 billion, according to analyst firm Ampere Analysis. The theatrical slowdown in North America and Western Europe is the primary driver of the trend as SVoD continues to grow in all regions.

  • Cheapest is Mexico where respondents are the keenest cinema goers – averaging 3.3 admissions each at just $2.50 per ticket.
  • Mid-range is France where respondents attend 1.5 times per year on average, paying just under $8 per ticket.
  • Scandinavian consumers face some of the highest prices at $13+ per visit. They average less than a single attendance per respondent.


  1. WARC: linear TV still ‘by far’ the top display ad medium

Linear and catch-up TV remains “by far the top medium” for global display advertising spend, despite decreasing viewing times, according to WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends report.

The research claims that linear TV attracted more than US$140 billion in ad investment in 2018 across 12 key markets – more than double that of mobile internet ad spend, which came in second place at US$58bn.

WARC estimates that linear TV accounted for 41.9% of total display advertising across Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and US. This marks a 1.0% year-on-year increase in spend and compares to mobile internet’s 16.8% ad share.


  1. Research: 50% consumers streaming weekly

Among all respondents to the YouGov survey, 58 per cent stream content at least once a week via a Smart TV or external streaming device, 51 per cent on a mobile device, and 50 per cent on a computer or laptop. Millennials (19-36 year olds) lead the way in all categories reporting 72 per cent, 73 per cent, and 65 per cent, respectively.


  1. In the US 58% of viewers stream video

Among all respondents, 58% stream content at least once a week via a smart TV or external streaming device, 51% on a mobile device, and 50 percent on a computer or laptop. Millennials (19-36 year olds) lead the way in all categories reporting 72%, 73%, and 65%, respectively.


  1. Freeview Play sales exceed 5m

Freeview and Digital UK have announced that the total number of Freeview Play devices sold in the UK has now surpassed five million. Freeview Play was launched in 2015 to provide viewers with access to live, catch up and on-demand programming.