This week Virgin Media announced great mutual successes in their Netflix offering, ESPN’s viewer base shifts towards OTT and Parks Associates publishes a finding that OTT is on the tip of the tongue for subscribers.


  1. Virgin Media customers with Netflix ‘happier and more loyal’

Virgin Media customers who adopt Netflix via the Virgin Media platform are happier and more loyal than subscribers who don’t take up the SVOD service, and the cable operator’s customers are more likely to subscribe to Netflix than non-customers, according to research by the Liberty Global-owned company.

While UK households’ adoption of Netflix stands at around 32%, some 43% of Virgin Media’s customers had subscribed to Netflix between Q1 2017 and Q1 2018.


  1. OTT Services Enjoy Strong Word-of-Mouth, Finds Parks Associates

Consumers are more likely to recommend online services than pay TV services, say the researchers at Parks Associates.


  1. ESPN loses 2m subs but adds 1m OTT

ESPN has lost about two million domestic subscribers over the past 12 months, according to Disney’s annual report, but added more than one million for its OTT service ESPN+.


  1. Research: 94% of UK Children own or share a TV

“In the UK, 94 per cent of children aged three to 16 now own or share a TV, 74 per cent a mobile phone and 73 per cent a tablet. This influx of screens means engagement is being impacted. More than a quarter of kids are watching a TV while simultaneously watching video on another device.


  1. Gamers more likely to use multiple SVoD Services

Despite this, the Digital TV & Video Streaming Survey: Consumer Attitudes 2018 report found traditional TV still has a place, with only 35 per cent of US SVoD users reporting using streaming services more frequently than terrestrial or cable TV. Sports users are even more conservative, with 92 per cent of US sports streaming viewers watching sports content elsewhere, e.g., through terrestrial TV or in a public venue.


  1. Eleven Sports launches Watch Together feature

Eleven Sports has announced the arrival of a new feature that enables fans to watch live action together with friends and family in the same online space at the same time.


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