Another week and another Simplestream 6, this week saw some movement within the maturing OTT market as a scramble for the Asian market sets off as well as some troubling news for those relying on traditional broadcasting.


  1. Deutsche Bank: “SELL” European Commercial Broadcasters

The bank argues that the (approx) 30 per cent fall in the ‘broadcasting’ sector’s share price this year “might suggest the bad news is in the price for European TV. We believe investors should look further.”


  1. Smart TV sets on the rise in Germany

A total of around 4.6 million TV sets were sold in Germany in the first three quarters of 2018, reports industry association Deutsche TV-Plattform with reference to figures from GfK Retail & Technology. Of these, around 3.4 million (74%) are equipped with smart functions for internet-based services such as apps or catch-up services.

Compared to 2017 (69%), the share of smart TVs in the total market has risen by 5% and since 2015 (60%) by a total of 14%. The majority (86%) of the smart devices sold in 2018 support the HbbTV standard and thus the use of interactive services via the ‘red button’ on the TV remote control.


  1. Fox HD joins TVPlayer

TVPlayer’s premium service can be subscribed to on a rolling monthly or annual basis and can be accessed on a variety of connected devices, including PCs, mobiles, tablets and streaming services such as Roku and Apple TV, although channel availability may vary across devices and some programmes on some channels are blanked out due to rights issues.


  1. Almost everyone in India is borrowing someone else’s login to stream movies and TV

On average, Indians spend Rs295 per month on an over-the-top (OTT) platform, Pixights found. And a majority of Indians, 62%, subscribed to three or more such platforms. Overall, Indians prefer OTT to television now because of the flexibility and convenience it offers, along with a wide array of content.


  1. Netflix to Test Lower-Price Plans as it seeks more Asian Users

Still, growth has been slow in the region. The company has yet to amass 2 million subscribers in any country, according to estimates by Media Partners Asia. Hastings said Netflix could attract as many as 100 million customers in India alone.


  1. SVOD Revenues climb to $35bn

Digital TV Research expects 474 million SVoD subscriptions globally by end-2018. This is up by 108 million from a year earlier and up by 304 million on the end-2015 total.


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