The internet continues to take the media landscape by storm, and over the last week, we’ve spotted some notable trends that indicate how online content will continue to shape the global broadcast industry.

Here are the top six stories from the past week:


  1. Online video is now the largest display format

The IAB has claimed that online video is now the largest display format – with 39% of the £4.18bn total display spend in 2017 – and is driving the majority of the growth. Forty-two percent of homes have connected TVs and this is growing 10% YOY.


  1. Global live TV streaming shows no signs of slowing down

According to Conviva’s State of the Streaming Report, there has been a 52% jump in plays and 63% growth in total viewing hours recorded YOY, including a major increase in traffic during the World Cup tournament.

Live sports streaming has surged, as viewer confidence in streaming TV grows and providers deliver improved quality. NFL streaming in September alone accounted for roughly 3% of total streaming plays and viewing hours in the U.S., as more fans than ever elected to stream NFL games.


  1. Mobile video consumption surges again in Q2, with massive uptick looming for Q3

Smartphone-only video starts topped 50% globally for the first time, a 13.2% YOY change and the largest in five quarters. Mobile-video plays (including tablets) grew 9.8% globally year-over-year in Q2, following slowdown in Q1.

For the second time, mobile video (including tablets) starts exceeded 60%, and total time watching long-form on smartphones topped 75% in North America.

Recent NFL report shows 65% viewing increase on digital devices over past year and a 147% 2018 season boom in smartphone NFL content consumption.


  1. US pay-TV sheds over 877K subs in Q3

The top 10 service providers in the US collectively lost over 877K subscribers in Q3 2018, according to informitv’s Multiscreen Index. The largest losses were seen in DISH Network, which lost 367K compared to 192K in the previous quarter, and DirecTV, which lost 359K compared to 286K in the previous quarter.


  1. OTT in 64% of US homes and falling churn rates

Over the past three years, OTT churn rates have been steadily declining YOY with the latest figures down from 31% to 28%.


  1. Europe’s TV subscriptions reach 262 million

SVOD subscriptions will triple between 2015 and 2018 to 76 million, but traditional pay TV will only add 8 million subscribers to total 186 million. This means that SVOD’s share of the total will climb from 13% to 29% between 2015 and 2018.