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Simplestream's partnership with THEOplayer brings enhanced video playback experience

Simplestream today announced it will be integrating THEOplayer’s Universal Video Player into their Cloud TV Platform.  Simplestream are constantly exploring new disciplines and evolving existing offerings to best meet client needs and will replace any legacy Flash-based players with THEOplayer’s HTML5 player, giving the very best, state-of-the-art playback experience.

The Universal Video Player works seamlessly across Web, Mobile Web, Native Apps, Smart TVs, streaming devices and other connected devices, making it simpler and easier to deliver a quality viewing experience to viewers, regardless of the platform.

  • The Universal Player capability built in HTML5 provides a single player across all major devices, platforms and browsers – both in browser and native environments without the need for plug-ins.
  • The Universal Player is pre-integrated with leading solution components across the video ecosystem including streaming, analytics, DRM and content monetization to remove the complexity of service development, making it simpler and more cost efficient to design, build, maintain and upgrade video streaming infrastructure.

“We chose THEOplayer because they are at the forefront of the player industry, and one of the only truly dedicated player companies in the market,” says Adam Smith, Simplestream’s CEO. “The THEOplayer team have always been very responsive and have worked hard to integrate with any solutions we required, be it DRM playback, ad insertion, latest video codec support or intricate caption delivery, allowing Simplestream to offer our clients the best video experience.”

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