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Simplestream powers Sony’s POP Fun via Freesat and YouView on Sony Bravia TVs


Sony Pictures Television Networks’ POP Fun, their popular 7-day catch-up service for it’s portfolio of kids channels, will now be accessible via YouView on Sony BRAVIA Android TVs and on Freesat. As Simplestream’s Cloud TV Platform is already powering POP Fun on YouView set-top-boxes and EETV, it was very straightforward for Simplestream to extend the offering and roll-out on the additional two platforms. The modular architecture of our Cloud TV Platform, enables us roll out new services for Sony in an incremental fashion, without disrupting existing functionality.

Simplestream’s Cloud TV Platform supports all OTT hybrid platforms including YouView, EE, Freesat, HbbTV and Freeview Play. Our solution provides white-label HTML-5 applications, content metadata submission and the end-to-end video workflow needed to provide live streaming, automated catchup TV and rich VOD experiences cross-platform.


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