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We work with leading media brands to build Next Generation TV services. Here you can read about our recent work, product updates, awards and industry insights.

Simplestream 6 – Coronavirus Edition

20 March 2020|Uncategorized|

The very serious Coronavirus situation has already had a massive effect on the UK with every market being affected in one way or another, whether you’re in the loo roll business or the media game the world has gone into an unprecedented state of lockdown. For Simplestream, we’ll be interested to watch (from home) how this will affect the broadcast world. As consumers have more time than ever to consume content we’ll continue to keep an eye on by what means they’ll choose to enjoy this content and the newest trends. Wishing you well, Simplestream

Read our Key to Authentication Paper

19 August 2019|White Papers|

Accessing any application has to be frictionless in today’s consumer marketplace. Gone are the days of having to remember 100 passwords for different sites and which of your 3 emails you might have used. Discover how we implement different methods of authentication for a seamless user experience.

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