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Live Streaming

Simplify your infrastructure and reduce cost with our fully managed live streaming solution. Media Manager supports 24/7 simulcasts, event management and syndication to social media sites within a unified workflow.

  • Cloud-based platform with support for on premise encoding

  • Instant scale via multiple CDNs

  • Multi format; HLS, HDS, DASH & RTMP

  • Fully integrated with our Player, Ad Insertion, Subscriber and Analytics modules

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How It Works

Our flexible and scalable live streaming platform leverages on-premise hardware for encoding tasks but connects to the cloud for infinite capacity and advanced functionality.

Customers with existing hardware can connect directly to Media Manager’s cloud without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Advanced Features

Multi Bitrate, Multi-Format

Media Manager packages live streams in the cloud, enabling multiple packaging and DRM formats per stream.

Rights Management

Simulcast rights can be complex with different programmes needing to be blacked out on different devices and in different regions. Media Manager includes comprehensive rights management tools including integrations with 3rd-party rights management systems.

Advanced Player

Eliminate the complexity and upfront costs of launching a catch-up service. Our solution delivers automated generation of cross-platform, multi-bitrate video on demand files for any TV channel, with industry leading publishing times of 60 seconds from broadcast.

Facebook & YouTube

Increase the reach of your broadcast by streaming live to Facebook and YouTube.

Optional Modules

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